O anúncio Ceifeira-debulhadora Fendt 6275L foi vendido e não foi incluído na pesquisa.
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ceifeira-debulhadora Fendt 6275L
ceifeira-debulhadora Fendt 6275L
ceifeira-debulhadora Fendt 6275L imagem 2
ceifeira-debulhadora Fendt 6275L imagem 3
Marca:  Fendt
Modelo:  6275L
Tipo:  ceifeira-debulhadora
Ano:  2022
Localização:  Polónia
Data de publicação:  mais de um mês
Agronetto ID:  EZ32999
Estado:  usados

Informação adicional — Ceifeira-debulhadora Fendt 6275L

AGCO Power 6 cylinder 7.4L 306hp engine
Fuel tank capacity 620 l, AdBlue tank capacity 80 l
Fuel pre-filter
PowerFlow table 6.2m (belt, without attached rapeseed table)
Left and right rapeseed scythe with electric drive
Crop lifters, crop divider
3-wheel header trolley
Automatic swivel hitch
Automatic Set. TerraControl cutting height
4 chains in the feeder elevator
Power Feed Roller
Threshing drum width 1600 mm, Threshing drum diameter 600 mm
Thresher drum speed 430-1210
Segmental concave (allows you to convert the harvester to QQ without having to remove the conveyor
Wrap angle of the concave 120o
Concave area 0.99 m2
Independent input/output concave settings
Beater drum diameter 380mm
Rotary separator with adjustable MCS concave, width 1600mm, diameter 600mm
Walkers 6 pieces, Number of straw walker stages 4, Walker length 4256 mm Walker area 6.81 m2
Total separation area 9.06 m2
The total screen area is 5.58 m2
Electrically adjustable sieves, monitoring of unthreshed ears
Radial cleaning blower
Blower speed range 350-1050
The surface of the grain pan is 3.06 m2
The total surface of the sieves is 5.58 m2
The grain pan is divided into plastic sections, removable
Straw chopper
Chaff spreader
Grain tank capacity 8600 l
Wheels 800/65R32 + 540/65R24
Rear axle weights
Corn drum cover
Wide angle mirrors
MP3 radio, Bluetooth
Brand new machine
Year of manufacture 2022
Manufacturer: FENDT
Ceifeiras-debulhadoras Fendt
Resultados da pesquisa: 79 anúncios